Kosher Establishments

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Hamilton Kosher

Hamilton Kosher is the best place in the city for kosher meats and goods. Whether you want prepared foods, raw meats, deli, or groceries, Hamilton Kosher has it all. Owners Phil and Mike Zians offer a personal touch, and take care of every customer like they are family. Be prepared to see a familiar face or two!

Bubbie bessie's

A charming little cafe located inside of Shalom Village, Bubbie Bessie's offers an authentic taste and love found only in a bubbie's kitchen. Reasonably priced and delicious, Bubbie Bessie's offers a lovely lunch and coffee experience.

second cup

Although the prepared food is NOT kosher certified, the drinks are certified under the Hamilton Kosher Hechsher. That said, Second Cup also offers a decent selection of kosher manufactured goods.


Fortinos is a large grocery store located in the same parking lot as the brand new J-Hamilton building! They have a large kosher aisle, a decent selection of Kosher meats and chicken, and kosher certified donuts and sushi (ONLY when bearing the HK symbol).


Although not all flavours are kosher (unless they bear the HK symbol), there are still a number of kosher flavours and toppings.  Froyo is a delicious treat for families, date nights, or "alone time" retreats.


Located in the lovely village of Westdale, TCBY offers delicious frozen yogurt, and milkshakes. Ask inside for a list of kosher flavours. And if you're in the mood for a milkshake, ask them to use their specifically designated kosher blender. Our fav? The vanilla milkshake with M&M's!