Jewish Organizations

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hamilton jewish federation

Hamilton Jewish Federation's UJA Campaign raises funds that open the doors to some of Hamilton's core programs and services. They are instrumental in providing opportunities for Jewish engagement, and support for those who need it. 

A part of the new JHamilton building.

Jewish national fund

The Jewish National Fund's tireless commitment to improving the quality of life for Israeli's is apparent in all of the work they do. Their work in water, afforestation and infrastructure development is having a positive impact throughout the country.

A part of the new JHamilton building.

chabad on campus

Chabad on Campus povides support, classes, and resources for students of McMaster University. On top of that, they provide outreach, and educational programs for the general community.  Chabad on Campus is the only Lubavitch presence in the entire Hamilton community.



Na'amat Hamilton is instrumental in fundraising to support social service programmes in Israel and Canada. Na'mat Canada continuously seeks to do good wherever they can.


shalom village.jpg

shalom village

Shalom Village is a non-profit organization in Hamilton that provides a host of services for older adults. This includes Apartments for retirees, long term and convalescent care, and day programs for seniors. 


beth tikvah

Within the Jewish community, Beth Tikvah of Hamilton provides the best care available to people with developmental, or other disabilites.

A part of the new JHamilton building.


Magen david adom

Each Chapter of Canadian Magen David Adom is dedicated to providing the maximum amount of support to Magen David Adom in Israel in its humanitarian aid. They accomplish this through membership, donations, bequests, and special projects and functions. 


Hamilton Jewish Social Services

Hamilton Jewish Social Services does work for the Hamilton community that is unparalleled. They host adult day programs, help the isolated and sick, provide us with a kosher food bank and counsel families. On top of that, they provide services to newcomers to our wonderful community, and adult social and educational programs.